Friday, January 22, 2010

My links to comments have made on other blogs!

I Kind of thought this blogging thing was going to be really stupid but I've come too really enjoy reading others posts and commenting! :)

This blog post was interesting because we have the same goals for making students comfortable in classroom and to be a role model that they have never had.

I loved this blog because she is talking about the age where kids will say and do anything they hear! :)

This Is a blog I found that a kindergartin class called"kinder kids", that has student and teacher blogs. They have been blogging about snow lately, putting up pictures of their class playing in the snow.

The Kinder Kids also blogged the words that they came up that go along with snow!

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  1. Fantastic, Kayleigh - I am so glad you're finding blog reading and commenting worthwhile. Really good job sharing this post, great job with the links.