Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blog over: A Peek for a Week in a Kiwi Junior Classroom

This video shows a many wonderful ways to use technology while teaching kids.

I'm am so impressed with this video, not only that the teachers know this much about all the different technology, but that the students are able to use it as well and as freely as the teacher. Though i am very impressed at what I saw in this video, anyone will be hard pressed to find technology of that sort in any public school in oklahoma. I would absolutely love to be able to use smart boards in my classroom someday, but i know that at the shcool i went to there was one smart board in the enitre school system all the way k through 12 and it was in the high school and i never got to use it, i saw it once though. :) now in college they have one in every room in the education building. It's sad to say that things of that expense will probably never be something that you see in every room in a pubic school setting.


  1. Kayleigh: I think you'd be surprised to see how many of our Oklahoma classrooms are now equipped with interactive white boards / smartboards. I'll try to get some stats on this, but in some schools EVERY teacher has them. In others they are being added room by room each year.

    One thing impressive about Rachel's class is that she doesn't have a ton of technology, but she really uses what she has to the max.

    Good reflection.