Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blogging buddy!!

The website that I have been following is called "Kinder Kids" A kindergarten class and their teacher blog on it so that parents and others can keep up with what they are doing in their class!

This day the kids were learning math using blocks, ad posted pictures of the different shapes that they made with the blocks!

One of the kids in the class house burned down and he need to get all new things! :(
All the kids in the class came together to help raise money for their friend, and they brought so much money that their teacher couldn't even count it herself that she had to take it into the bank to have it counted!! Yay for them, way to pull together to help your friend!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

independent learning project by students

Though I knew about all the different kinds of addiction there is in the US and that police are having trouble controlling the illegal substances, but I didn't know how other countries were dealing with the some problems! It's amazing to see that such a simple solution has brought down the crimes in these coutries, it makes me wonder why people really do the drugs?! The information given in the video about addiction is awesome, I learned alot and it was much better than just reading it, seeing the pictures and hearing someone else talk about it kept me much more engaged.

(I didn't comment on the video becuaseI had to sign up on some website and I'm SO tired of getting emails from all these sites)

The ways Luis uses technology!

This video shows how a student named Luis, who is in the 12th grade uses technoloy not only for his own pleasure, but to help others and his commmunity.

I Loved watching how much he was helping young children to learn how to build and program robots to take to compititions. He was striving to help young kids to love technology as much as he did as well as teaching them how to work togther to make something amazing!

Friday, January 22, 2010

My links to comments have made on other blogs!

I Kind of thought this blogging thing was going to be really stupid but I've come too really enjoy reading others posts and commenting! :)

This blog post was interesting because we have the same goals for making students comfortable in classroom and to be a role model that they have never had.

I loved this blog because she is talking about the age where kids will say and do anything they hear! :)

This Is a blog I found that a kindergartin class called"kinder kids", that has student and teacher blogs. They have been blogging about snow lately, putting up pictures of their class playing in the snow.

The Kinder Kids also blogged the words that they came up that go along with snow!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blog over: A Peek for a Week in a Kiwi Junior Classroom

This video shows a many wonderful ways to use technology while teaching kids.

I'm am so impressed with this video, not only that the teachers know this much about all the different technology, but that the students are able to use it as well and as freely as the teacher. Though i am very impressed at what I saw in this video, anyone will be hard pressed to find technology of that sort in any public school in oklahoma. I would absolutely love to be able to use smart boards in my classroom someday, but i know that at the shcool i went to there was one smart board in the enitre school system all the way k through 12 and it was in the high school and i never got to use it, i saw it once though. :) now in college they have one in every room in the education building. It's sad to say that things of that expense will probably never be something that you see in every room in a pubic school setting.

Blog about: Digital Generation Project Youth Portrait: Nafiza

This video tells you about a you can use tehnology for all diffferent kinds of things, how you can make videos with out ever using a camera, and how a girl, Nafiza, uses technology.

Wow Nafiza seems really smart and looks like she could teach me a thing or two about computers and all the different software out there. But honestly I do not love technology like she does, i have cell phone only becuase i need it for work and all it does is text and call, I can't get on the internet or store music on it. I have a computer only to write papers for school. I don't have cable tv, an ipod or anything like that and I'm just fine with that!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Intro: All about me!! :)

My name is Kayleigh Dawn Darden, I was born and raised in Fort Gibson, Ok. I grew up on a pecan farm and absolutly love to be outside. I love to hunt, read, and hang out with my friends!
My Love my family and spend as much time with them as I can!

I am an early childhood education major, I love kids. I want to graduate and get my teacher certification, become a kindergarten or first grade teacher, then return to school to get my masters in special education.

Both my parents are teachers, Since i can remember i have always wanted to be a teacher. I am one of the few college students who have come to college and not change my major through out school! I really think I'll be a good teacher, I'm excited to se what the future will bring me! :)

Reflection of cameron's video

The most signifigant thing i took away from the video was that i couldn't believe cammeron was making videos for his teacher to make understanding a math concept easier for the rest of the class. When he was filming himdelf to perfest his swing, so that he could better himself for hockey was crazy, WHAT MOTIVATION!!

I've never been good at the whole computer thing and it's amazed me how much an 11 year old can do with a computer. It kind of make me feel like i don't know anything about computers.

I want to be a teacher and when i saw that video for the math concept, it open my eyes to how many ways you can teach a different concept.