Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blog about: Digital Generation Project Youth Portrait: Nafiza

This video tells you about a you can use tehnology for all diffferent kinds of things, how you can make videos with out ever using a camera, and how a girl, Nafiza, uses technology.

Wow Nafiza seems really smart and looks like she could teach me a thing or two about computers and all the different software out there. But honestly I do not love technology like she does, i have cell phone only becuase i need it for work and all it does is text and call, I can't get on the internet or store music on it. I have a computer only to write papers for school. I don't have cable tv, an ipod or anything like that and I'm just fine with that!

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  1. I think the way Nafiza is empowered to be a teacher and leader in her classroom and school is very significant. It's not just that she has access to a lot of technology that's significant, it's the ways she chooses to use those technologies that is the big deal I think.