Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blogging buddy!!

The website that I have been following is called "Kinder Kids" A kindergarten class and their teacher blog on it so that parents and others can keep up with what they are doing in their class!

This day the kids were learning math using blocks, ad posted pictures of the different shapes that they made with the blocks!

One of the kids in the class house burned down and he need to get all new things! :(
All the kids in the class came together to help raise money for their friend, and they brought so much money that their teacher couldn't even count it herself that she had to take it into the bank to have it counted!! Yay for them, way to pull together to help your friend!!


  1. Hello Kayleigh

    Thank you so much for commenting on The KinderKids blog. I hope you will continue to be our blogging buddy. The children have enjoyed your comments and each day they check the blog, they wonder if they will get a comment from you. Perhaps we can find a way that you could "visit" our classroom via a video skype chat. You already seen to be a part of what we do already. Good luck in your course work.

    Maria Knee

  2. I am SO glad you were able to comment on Mrs. Knee's classroom blog, Kaleigh. You probably realized this, but the Kindergarten classroom I discussed and showed photos of 3 weeks ago was theirs: