Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Favorite book "Dear John"!!

I created this VoiceThread about my favorite book "Dear John" on voice It was a requirement for my Technology class, that I thought i was going to get nothing out of. But when I was done putting up the pictures and recording my voice, I was really excited about how it came out and how cool something like this can be!
It would be a great way for kids to be able to show their own work, by posting pictures, writing a script and recording it, for family and friends to see! My teacher kept saying this to us in the past few class periods and I just thought it was a silly project!! But i had a lot of fun with it and I think kids would just absolutely love it!!

To hear my voice, just click on my picture next to the voicethread, when the comment is over click the arrow in the bottom right hand corner to go to the next picture, my voice should continue to play automatically, if not just click my picture again.!!

" The Wizard of apps"

Watching this video "The Wizard of Apps" I learned a lot about all the different places to go on the internet to find 'lagit' websites that aren't going to be giving false information! The way this vide is put together is fun, a little cheesy, but deffinately better than watching just a plain old educational video. It includes links to all of the sites she talked about, underneath the video.

Learning about digital footprints, and the right places to go on the internet is important as a teacher so you don't have students stumbling onto websites that you don't want them to. Using such as flickrStorm to get pictures from instead of google image, because you can't do an advanced search and find copy righted pictures without all the extra unrealated pictures google throws in there.

After watching this video the main thing I saw that I really wanted to check out was the facebook privacy video, that shows how to change privacy settings so that everyong can't see your facebook and everything on it. I knew there were ways to set up the privacy settings on facebook, but I had no idea how. The video was very helpful and easy to follow, I learned how to chang my settings so tha not just anyone can see me facebook page! That makes me feel so much better!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I am still really enjoying looking at and leaving comments on the The Kinder kids' blog! They do some really cool stuff every week!

I even got an e-mail from the teacher saying that the students were wanting to know all about me and how I found their blog!! It was a lot of fun hearing from them, I am now awaiting an e-mail in return!!

Last week was Valentine's Day and they had what looks like an awesome party where they exchanged cards and candy! The teacher posted some pictures of their FUN PARTY!!

They also learned how ground hogs and how ground hogs look at their shaddows to see how ,uch more winter is to come! They wished us all a HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Digiteens is a group of students who researched and find things on the internet and make videos and raise awareness about. One of the videos they made i thought was really good was about "DWT" Driving While Texting. It gave some statistics about driving while texting and even compared it to driving under the influence. It was vry informative and got it's point across effectively.

If there was a group like this at every school not only would students be learning about technology and how to use it to make video and find information, they are making a difference and showing they care enough to make a video for everyone to see!!

"It's a love story, Baby just say yes"

Project learning!

Project learning is becoming the main focus of many teachers more and more. This shows all the different ways teachers and schools are showing and teaching kids how to things with a more challanging and hands on approch! The students in the video, show they are more passionate about what they are learning and that they are more excited about the choices they have for the future.

I love the idea of project based learning because it give the students choices and helps them feel like they're in control. While the students love being in control they are also going to be more interested in what is being taught/learned, they will be much more excited about listening and learning about the topic o their own choosing!!