Sunday, February 21, 2010

" The Wizard of apps"

Watching this video "The Wizard of Apps" I learned a lot about all the different places to go on the internet to find 'lagit' websites that aren't going to be giving false information! The way this vide is put together is fun, a little cheesy, but deffinately better than watching just a plain old educational video. It includes links to all of the sites she talked about, underneath the video.

Learning about digital footprints, and the right places to go on the internet is important as a teacher so you don't have students stumbling onto websites that you don't want them to. Using such as flickrStorm to get pictures from instead of google image, because you can't do an advanced search and find copy righted pictures without all the extra unrealated pictures google throws in there.

After watching this video the main thing I saw that I really wanted to check out was the facebook privacy video, that shows how to change privacy settings so that everyong can't see your facebook and everything on it. I knew there were ways to set up the privacy settings on facebook, but I had no idea how. The video was very helpful and easy to follow, I learned how to chang my settings so tha not just anyone can see me facebook page! That makes me feel so much better!

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