Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Favorite book "Dear John"!!

I created this VoiceThread about my favorite book "Dear John" on voice It was a requirement for my Technology class, that I thought i was going to get nothing out of. But when I was done putting up the pictures and recording my voice, I was really excited about how it came out and how cool something like this can be!
It would be a great way for kids to be able to show their own work, by posting pictures, writing a script and recording it, for family and friends to see! My teacher kept saying this to us in the past few class periods and I just thought it was a silly project!! But i had a lot of fun with it and I think kids would just absolutely love it!!

To hear my voice, just click on my picture next to the voicethread, when the comment is over click the arrow in the bottom right hand corner to go to the next picture, my voice should continue to play automatically, if not just click my picture again.!!


  1. Your voicethread is very good. I have always liked Nicholas Sparks books, but have not yet had the time to read this one. I love the last picture of your voicethread and how your words match the picture that leaves us hanging wanting to know how it ends. I guess I'll have to go read the book now.

  2. Great voice thread! I really enjoyed watching this video! I still havent seen the movie but after watching this, I think I may have to read the book as well as see the movie!