Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Survey on Google Doc. :)

I had to make up a survey on google docs for my Technology 4 teachers class, I made mine about your favorite holiday! This is a really cool way to find out more about your friends! You can get on google docs, click on the "create new" button and then click form. It will give opptions for you to make a multiple choice question, an essay question, or a short answer question. You can create your form/survey and then email the link to your friends and find out more about them!!

Please take MY survey, to tell me YOUR favorite holiday!!

Others took thiz survey! Find out what their favorite hoilday is!!


  1. Great job. Your results are not publicly accessible, so you will need to either change that and/or summarize your results here.

  2. You still need to turn on comment moderation. This FAQ post shows how.