Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Digital Youth Portrait: Sam

This video I watched is about a 13 year old girl named Sam who loves technology, she spends the majority of her days on the computer. She has firgured out many different ways to learn about different software and use different programs to do assignments for shcool. In one particular instance she had to read a book for class and she thought the book was really boring, so she got on her ipod and bought a program that read the book out loud to her, as well as being able to follow along with the text.
Sam is only 13 years old and she can do amazing things with a computer and video camera! more than i cold ever eve think about doing! She goes into a college classroom and helps college students learn how t make digital people and worlds for one of their classes!!

The thing that amazed me the most about Sam, was that she taught herself how to play the piano by going on line and finding a digital piano that sowed the notes while playing a song and she would wirte down the notes and go practice the song until she got it perfect. She looks like an amazign piano player, I have no idea how she learn to play like that by herself!
Sam has a ton of extra time to spend on the computer, figuring out and working with different computer programs, if everyone has tht much extra time to sit and play on the computer we would all be as computer savy as Sam!! But I'm ot 13 anymore I go to school and work, ahhh being a grown up!!

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  1. Well, it's still important we take time to play and tinker a bit with new technologies. I think that's a big way we learn, and the fact so many "adults" don't take that time is why they feel so far behind young people in many cases!